Speed dating training activity

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Speed dating training activity - relative age dating practice worksheet

Sharon Naylor is passionate about ice breaker games and uses them extensively to kickstart training sessions, group meetings and team building.

Find out more at Not that long ago I was asked to run an ice breaker game at the launch of the Swansea Foundation - a new business club.Walk around the circle with the hat and get each person to pick a card (hopefully it won't be their own; if it is, they will have to put back and take another).Go around the circle and in turn read out the card - that person then has to guess who the card belongs to.Announce that you have a minute each to introduce yourselves.Blow a whistle after each minute and then after each couple have introduced themselves, instruct all participants to move to the seat to the right. Carry for as long as you have time or until all introductions have been made.Better still, try them out on your family and friends first!

A good ice breaker therefore, carefully matches your target group, is non-threatening and allows people to have fun together.

They are the very best of the small team games we have been using on all our events over the years. They are brilliant for: A great little ice breaker game to start a training session or meeting is "How I See Myself".

This ice breaker is particularly good for getting to know each other's strengths and weaknesses and see how others view them.

What followed was a peice eulogizing the benefits of the Club.

So your simple ice breaker game can be a powerful and influential tool.

When the ice breaker game is finished, find out who was easy to guess and who wasn't and why?

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