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Sometimes you’ll hear “whole life insurance” used interchangeably with “permanent life insurance.” But whole life insurance is actually just one type of permanent life insurance.

If you will only need the life insurance coverage for 10 to 20 years, opt for a term policy.

Even with an annual renewable term policy, you’re only guaranteed to be able to renew the policy for a certain number of years.

Since many companies won’t let you purchase a new policy after the age of 65, it’s essential that you figure out up front how long you need your term to last. But it’s better to foot the higher bill than to be stuck without life insurance coverage when you still need it.

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We’re focusing on term life insurance for seniors here with the companies we’ve chosen.

But we’ll still give you a quick overview of the types of permanent life insurance you might encounter: It’s well-known that many life insurance policies require a medical exam. A nurse in an office, or even at your home, will weigh you, give you a questionnaire, and maybe take blood and urine samples. The insurer is simply looking for telltale signs of serious future medical problems.Term life insurance comes in a few different types.Here are the ones that might suit you best: One thing to keep in mind about a term life insurance policy is that there are no guarantees of renewal.We pulled estimates from each of these companies that offered an online quote option.The estimate is for a 55-year-old woman in good health with a healthy BMI.It provides more coverage at a lower rate, since it’s purely insurance.