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The new Cayenne model is longer and lower but about 65 kilograms lighter. It is also said that it will be able to accelerate to 100 km in less than five seconds.Both engines are combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission and all four-wheel drive.

He said: “What an amazing story, it was an honour to meet Dr Telensky and I can only say I’m glad I helped him start on the road to success.” Pictured with them is Eric Wiltsher, programme director of, one of the most successful European-based radio stations of the last few years, where Rosko still broadcasts on RTI Rosko Radio and has recorded ‘jingles’ for the station.

Indonesian Ambassador to Slovakia, Adiyatwidi Adiwoso, thanked Slovaks for their interest in the art and culture of his country and said his homeland is open to opportunities in the small but determined Central European country which is rapidly becoming a “friend of Indonesia”.

In a moving meeting at London’s plush Savoy hotel, financial angel and businessman Dr Jan Telensky (left) spoke with the man who helped him learn English when he first arrived in the UK after fleeing communist Czechoslovakia.

Exciting reports say that the mysterious missing main gate to Viniansky Castle has finally been found.

The castle ruin in eastern Slovakia originally dominated a hill overlooking the trade route into Poland.

If you happen to be travelling on the R1 highway (the main road east from Bratislava towards Banska Bystrica) and want a journey-breaker, this is infinitely better than the service stations.

You’ll see it about half-way between Trnava and Nitra as you cruise through Western Slovakia: the dammed river Váh morphs into a huge lake at this point.

Viniansky Castle still stands imposingly north-west of the East-Slovakian village Vinné and like other castles in the area, it served as sentry on the Magna Via old trade road leading from the region of Potisie in to Poland.

Sadly, the castle was destroyed during the Rebellion of Estates at the beginning of the 18th century.

Dr Jan, the man who created Aqua City water park in Poprad, Slovakia, arrived in Britain when he was 21 with no money and unable to speak the language.

Dr Telensky said: “When I arrived in Luton all those years ago, for a short-time I was homeless and had almost no money as I waited for friends to meet me … It was very frightening as they were going to help me find work and I couldn’t speak English.

We want to show that Slovakia has excellent universities, science institutions, and companies which innovate and make our country a good name around the world and going to prove it through our first satellite Made in Slovakia.” Slovakia has been actively involved in space research and has two cosmonauts, Vladimír Remek, who flew in space in 1978, and Ivan Bella, who spent nine days on board the Mir space station in 1999.

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