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The Expo will be held at the LAX Hilton from February 6 - 8 and will feature a vast range of speakers on topics including UFOs, consciousness, alternative beliefs, spirituality and much, much more.In his February 7 workshop Nick Pope will discuss the inter-related concepts of Disclosure, First Detection and First Contact, using his insider knowledge to examine the implications in terms of politics, science & technology, religion and economics, along with some other potential consequences - societal and personal.

NB: all Nick Pope's events are scheduled for Saturday 30th May.There will be a wide-ranging discussion, a Q&A, and yes, George will even sing a few songs!Come along for an evening of fun and conversation, but book quickly - tickets are expected to sell out fast.His live events are hugely popular, and in August 2015 Alex Jones and Nick Pope joined George for a sell-out evening at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto.The event in Salt Lake City will also feature Dannion Brinkley, bestselling author of Saved by the Light, and Jason Martell, another regular contributor to Ancient Aliens.Speaking alongside Nick Pope will be sixth man on the moon Edgar Mitchell, space shuttle astronaut Story Musgrave, Coast to Coast AM host George Noory, Ancient Aliens host Giorgio Tsoukalos, and legendary TV personalities, authors and experts including Erich von Dniken, Jim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe, Travis Walton, Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, John Anthony West, Michael Tellinger and Laura Eisenhower.

Last year's Contact in the Desert drew around 1000 attendees and made headlines all around the world.

This year's event is set to be even bigger and better.

As part of a special promotion to tie in with the announcement that Nick Pope will be speaking, the organizers have announced a special opportunity to win a free pass. Nick Pope will be giving a workshop in Los Angeles on February 7, as part of the Conscious Life Expo event.

This workshop will be a fully interactive event, and attendees will have a chance to ask questions and put forward their own ideas.

Click here for details of Nick Pope's workshop, and the details of how to purchase tickets.

Nick Pope will join celebrated radio show host George Noory for a live event in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday March 10, 2018, 5pm - 8pm in the Jeanne Wagner Theatre.