Middlesex probate court records online

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Middlesex probate court records online - perilsofdating org

That's not much help to you who are out of the county, but it does mean that LDS Libraries (Family History Centres) should have copies.

The Land Court has limited jurisdiction over certain types of civil cases and handles cases for the entire state from one location.

During the 15th century the law restricting the devising of land was got around by conveying real estate, during the individual's life, to trustees know as the 'feofees to uses' ('to hold to the use of the owner's will'), and the document instructing the trustees was known as his Will.

In 1535-6 this device was made illegal by the Statute of Uses.

What most of us think of as a "Will" is technically a "Testament".

It is a statement of how you want your wordly assets distributed upon your death.

[Christopher KIRMAN] There is a National Probate Calendar (covering the years 1858 - 1943) which is available in some Record Offices, but is also held at the National Archives in Kew and at the Family Record Centre.

The Society of Genealogists has microfilm copies which go up to around 1952.Wills made by widows and unmarried women are fairly common.A female could make a will from the age of 12 (Statute of Wills 1540) until 1837 when the age was raised to 21 by the Wills Act (and from 14 to 21 for males).Superior Courts generally handle criminal cases that are considered serious felonies or have a possible sentence of more than five years, although some jurisdiction is shared with other courts.Superior Courts also handle most Abuse Prevention proceedings, except for cases that arise solely from a dating or engagement relationship.The Massachusetts trial court system consists of Superior Courts, District Courts, Probate and Family Courts, Housing Courts, Juvenile Courts, Boston Municipal Courts, and Land Court.