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These great animals and others trek through Chobe in search of food and water, grazing on Savuti marshlands which green up during the rainy season, and moving to the river during the dry season.Zebras come first, followed by wildebeest, then herds of up to 1,500 tsessebe, also impalas and giraffes, males sometimes wrapping their long necks about one another in an apparently affectionate but actually competitive territorial embrace.

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Finally, for us, visiting these great reserves around the world has meant recreation in the most literal sense of that word — our lives have been renewed by the experience; we wish that for you as well.

There remain great pressures on the country — among them one of the world's highest AIDS rates, and neighbors who also covet the water that brings life to Okavango.

MOREMI on the Delta's southeast edge was set aside by tribal landowners concerned about their dwindling wildlife resources as the result of safari hunters.

May skies are clear and blue, with lush vegetation, and young wildlife families grazing. Chobe National Park Chobe National Park is famous for its huge populations of animals — 60,000 elephants.

Later, as vegetation dries, animals are attracted to scarcer water, making for better wildlife viewing (although October can be hot, windy, and dusty). 12.000 zebras, and several thousand grazing buffalo, half-ton ungulates whose irritable dispositions can cause them to charge people or sometimes even vehicles.Revised 2004 Photograph previous page: mountain gorilla This book has been composed in Melior (main text) and Skia CC-Regular (headings and captions) Printed on acid-free paper, oo nathist.Designed by D & N Publishing, Hungerford, U. 6 Narcondum 230 Mahuadaur 230 Pirotanis im Valley of Flowers 230 Knren 231 Odaesan National Park 232 Junamho Bird Sanctuary 232 Eulsukdo Bird Sanctuary 232 Lnofi 233 NAM HA NATIONAL PROTEGTED AREA 235 ^35 Phou Xang He National Protected Area 235 Dong Hua Sao National Protected Area 235 Xe Plan National Protected Area 235 Copyrlghled material Cc^yrighied image Malaysia See SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS (which includes Peninsular Malaysia) Myanmar (Burma) 237 AHLAUNCn AW KATHAPAW NATIONAL PARK 239 24D Kyatthin Reserve 240 Tamanthi Reserve 240 Hlaw^ga National Park 240 Lampi Island Marine National Park 240 Mohingyi Reserve 240 Popa Mountain Park 240 Nepal 241 ROYAL RARni A NATTONAT, PARK 242 ROYAL CHTTWAN NATIONAL PARK 243 Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve 246 Sagarmantha National Park 246 Makalu-Barun National Park 246 Qomolangma Nature Preserve 246 Annapurna Conservation Area 246 T anotano Matinnal Park 246 ^Vipv PVink/^/^\ jff O ID A OTTVT T A T TAD LULKSLUMB BAbl N l AGUAK SANPTTTARY r HTDIl TRTTT NATin NAT PARK" ooo Crooked Tree Wildlire Sanctuary 333 Community Baboon Sanctuary 333 Panti Medicine Trail 334 Monkey Bay Sanctuary and Reserve 334 Rio Bravo Conservation Area 334 Shipstern Nature Preserve and Butterfly Breeding Center 334 Caracol 334 Cnstn Hicn RARRA DEL COLORADO NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE 336 CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARK 336 T T A X T A A r 1 * 1 1 /~i/~\X T OT^n ^ T A T^T/^X T GUANACASTE CONSERVATION AREA 337 MANIIFI ANTONIO NATTONAI PARK '^40 *? 10 987654321 Cc^yrighled image CO NTE NTS Tnfrn Hiirtinn 1 7 PRAr Tir AI HINTS Africa Hnt'iwnnn 27 ^ / CUnm NATION AT.Most rain falls between December-March and in the north can make roads impassable. Zebra migration is a stunning sight that can hardly be imagined without actually seeing it.Winter nights in July-August can be well below freez- ing (remember, seasons are reversed north and south of the equator). These vast throngs of striped wild horses, no two patterns alike, cover the landscape.Savuti, on the Savuti Marsh, left dry when the river channel changed course, now has water only during and immediately after rainy season.