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The historic Kanyashree Project, launched by the West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee in 2013 is now bearing the fruits of her outstanding farsightedness.

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She appealed to the parents not to marry off minor girls only to achieve social security; they should be allowed to study and build their future.Most of these girls are vulnerable to child trafficking in the form of child marriage and other forms of coercion.Kanyasree project is an exclusive scheme to save the vulnerable girls.The objective is to instill confidence among them, to encourage their education, and to discourage their early marriage.The partnership between UNICEF and West Bengal Government is not a superficial involvement but a technical partnership.UNICEF has decided to hire a premium agency with the best expertise in India to do a “baseline survey” regarding the scheme.

This will be followed by an “impact assessment”, to be funded by UNICEF.

The first Kanyashreee Dibas The first Kanyashreee Dibas was celebrated on August 14, 2014 in every block of the State.

On the day, The Chief Minister felicitated fifty girl students for their achievement in different competitions, as well as distributed prizes to three best districts, three best schools and three best colleges for their contribution to the Kanyashree scheme.

Police personnel are being explained on how to take action against trafficking of teenagers and prevent banes like child marriage.

West Bengal government's Kanyashree scheme, a programme initiated to help prevent girls from being married off at a young age by encouraging education, has benefited almost 9 lakh girls, since its launch in October 2013.

In terms of simplicity, transparency and outreach, Kanyashree scheme is unique and first of its kind in India.