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The singer posted another sultry pic lounging in her black and white one-piece with cherries scattered across and so did actress Olivia Munn.Continue Reading → Demi Lovato may be a bit late to the New Year’s resolution game, but maybe she just needed a few extra days to figure out her goals.

There is no limit as to how long you can watch their live shows.

After breaking out her favorite cherry-popping one-piece on a January vacation, Demi showed off another fruity suit that matches her prickly personality.

Continue Reading → Demi Lovato might have some competition where her new favorite bathing suit is concerned.

Some are especially excited, as they think Rihanna is getting ready for Crop Over, the traditional harvest festival in her native Barbados.

Check out Rihanna’s curves below, plus see what fans are saying about her frame.

“It gives more of a ‘take me seriously’ vibe,” says Hinge’s Olivia Abramowitz. Write “sailing” in a profile and you’ll get 69% more contact; “beach,” 29% more. 6) Wait at least three hours 52 minutes before re-messaging.

Top profiles also tend to mention waterside spots, like Caicos or Nantucket. Contact her twice in less time and the odds of getting a response are against you.

From surprise kidney transplants to victims of sexual misconduct, this year had plenty of moments worthy of an “OMG” or two.

Here’s our list of some of the wildest, scariest and most unbelievable news of the year.

Rihanna is untouchable when it comes to personal style.

After leaving the world in shock with her Met Gala look, Rihanna is making waves on social media again after new candid shots show off a new, curvier figure in some skinny jeans.

Now, she seems to have nailed it down in a couple of tweets and an Instagram post that have her reflecting on perfectionism, self-criticism and loving herself.

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    " Hav- " ing invited Buccolino to Florence,'* says that author, " Lorenzo, with great address, prevailed upon him, for his " further security, to repair to Milan ; but the security that " he there found was a halter from the hands of Lodovico " Sforza (tf)." If, however, the death of Buccolino, when the contention was over, was of such importance as to in- duce Lorenzo to the commission of so atrocious a crime, it is scarcely probable that he would have afforded his victim so favourable an opportunity of escaping the blow ; but without having recourse to conjecture, a refutation of this calumny may be found in an author, who, not being con- ' sidered as partial to the Medici, may on this occasion be admitted as an authentic witness. was given to Jacopo Guicciardini, aud Pietro Vittorio, who, having defeated a body of the Genoese that opposed their progressy began the siege of the place. In conducting a negotiation, all circumstances seemed to concur in rendering him* successful ; but these were not the effects of chance, but of deep and preme£- stantial advantages^ he placed in their hands real Ueasiags ; and or, lastly, to *' temporise till something better may be «fiectcd." He then enters into a full discussion of th€ difficulties and dangers that seem likely to attend the making an hostile attack on the kingdom of Naples/ He lays before the pope the situation not only of the other states of Italy^.

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