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It is pretty simple—internet is far cheaper than regular calling.While local calls are almost free, inter-city and international calls are pretty expensive. However, chat applications solved this issue by allowing users to communicate with people overseas using the internet route.

Telecom companies are now facing the heat with immense losses as people are not using regular phone calls and SMS.After Whats App rolled out the voice calling, they are now enabling video calls too.Facebook Messenger always had voice and video calling for a while.Saudi Arabia had previously banned Whats App and Viber, and now they have blocked Facebook Messenger, at least as far as media reports are stating.Users have reported that the applications were popping up messages on screen when trying to make voice and video calls.(Here's a link to Jain's Scribd account of what transpired.

) So, armed with a print-out of all the tweets, Jain went to lodge a complaint at the local police station in Delhi.

Later, a man called Sanjay Shende, who Adhikary didn't know and had not interacted with a lot, started sending lewd messages to her on an online forum called Calcomm.

Yet again, Adhikary decided to file an official complaint, this time at the cyber crime cell at the Kolkata Police's Lalbazar headquarters.

However, unlike most of us, she decided to hit back at the abuser. One MD Mustakim Saifi wrote, "Nice looking & nice boobs'. She didn't go to the police, or try to bring her harasser to justice.

Instead of immediately deleting the comment and blocking the offender on Facebook like some of us do, she wrote back. And for your general knowledge, Yes, All women have breasts. Could Singh, a budding actress in Bollywood, have lodged a formal complaint against the offender? But it would have been far from an easy ride to actually bring the offender to book.

Internet service providers are gaining revenue by having their data consumed for OTT applications, thus pushing telecos into losses.

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