Dating the book of revelation debate

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And I have, for more than twenty years, written books and articles about the historical Jesus — including one that will be at the focus of the debate, my book ? Bob knows perfectly well what I will be arguing in the debate, and I’m sure he’ll be prepared with counter-thrusts at every point.

The insight I have gained and relate in this article is not likely to change the debate in favor of any certain date. D.] that John returned to Ephesus upon being released from exile after the accession of Nerva in A. Yet, he never even mentions Hegesippus’ testimony by the same historian (Eusebius).

I follow Price on Facebook and he has evidently been re-reading all your books in preparation. He is an intelligent fellow and seems – based on our email exchanges over the years (I don’t think we’ve actually ever met in the flesh) – to be a good guy. If you would like more information about it, you can find it all here: As you will see, it is part of a conference being put on my the Mythicist Milwaukee organization. I have, to the best of my knowledge, read every surviving ancient source of the first four Christian centuries repeatedly, usually in their original language.

How much of his books do you intend on reading prior to the debate? The event, wittily enough, is called the Mythinformation Conference. 🙂 And so what have I been doing in preparation for the debate? I have read hundreds, literally many hundreds, of books and articles on the topic.

Just over the course of the past seven days I have given four public lectures at a conference in Chapel Hill (based on my book ) and two public lectures in Denmark, one at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense (on the rise of the Roman imperial cult in relationship to the rise of Christianity) and one in Copenhagen (on the manuscript tradition of the New Testament).

Next week I have a lecture (that I have yet to write!

It was true of some Christians in the fourth century, and the eighth century, and the twelfth century, and the sixteenth century. (This, by the way, is one very important reason for thinking that whoever wrote the book of Revelation was not the author of the Gospel of John. They had radically different views on the matter.) My sense is that there will always be Christians who think that the end is near.

It was true of the Christians I ran around with in the twentieth century. Their eschatologies [i.e., their understandings of the “end times”] do not gel, at *all*. Still, I haven’t yet done any special preparations for the debate, and that’s for rather pressing personal reasons.I’ve just been too crazy busy with equally important and pressing obligations, and have not had a spare moment for a very long time.And see if there’s anything I thought of that he hasn’t (I doubt it). 95 it is a “late” book, yet it is filled with apocalypticism. John, written later still, virtually eliminates Jesus’ apocalyptic message altogether; now what matters is not the coming kingdom of God in a show of power, but eternal life that is available in the here and now. That does NOT mean, however, that all Christians gave up on the idea of the coming apocalypse.So I think it will be a good and interesting debate. Ehrman, if I’m not mistaken, you claim that the apocalyptic messages in the New Testament were toned down as the books progressed. The Gospel of Thomas, written later still, actually has Jesus argue *against* the idea that there is a future apocalypse coming, to be followed by the appearance of the kingdom of God. (This is the part that I think I possibly didn’t explain very well.) On the contrary, apart from Luke, John, and Thomas there were certainly Christians who continued to think, and many still do continue to think, that the end was /is coming soon, within their lifetimes.But I won’t be able to start cramming for it until … That was true of the author of Revelation, in a very big way indeed, at the end of the first century.

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